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"Funny chest feeling - what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersFunny chest feeling - what could it be?


It feels like there is something stuck in my chest like a ball or something, I don't feel it with my hand, I feel it inside. Whenever I eat food or take a drink of something It hurts a little ( It feels a lot like when you have food stuck in your throat you wash it down with something to drink and it hurts a little going down I also chew my food very well) It started on 6/7/13 and it is now 6/8/13 10:29 pm It also sometimes get's this burning feeling.. I also have a burning feeling in my throat every now and then, which I believe is acid reflux.. is the two related? the burning in my throat just started this afternoon, so I am not sure.


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these symptoms. At this point, some time has passed since you initially were feeling these complaints, and I hope that you are doing better at this point. Whenever a person is having chest pain or discomfort, doctors will generally advise that you be evaluated in person by a physician. This is because the risk of heart attack is a real risk, no matter your age or overall health. For some people this may be an unlikely cause of the pain, but it is always important to make sure something is not missed. If it is not your heart, then there are certainly situations where someone has food stuck in their throat and doesn't know it. There are some conditions that can cause these symptoms due to slowing down the transit of food from the mouth to the stomach. Again, the key point with all of this is that you need to talk to your doctor about your complaints. He or she will best be able to help you understand the symptoms you are describing and help you to get treatment as needed. Please speak to your doctor about your symptoms.

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