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"I have a round red circle on my forearm clear in the center of the circle"

ZocdocAnswersI have a round red circle on my forearm clear in the center of the circle


nurse in my community seems to think its could be lyme disease she put meat tenderizer paste on it and the redness faded


I am sorry to hear that you are undergoing the anxiety of worrying whether or not you have another medical problem that is waiting to begin. Obviously, it is difficult to diagnose a condition for which you have no symptoms other than a mark on your arm that has now faded. While the mark you describe could be similar to the bite mark from the kind of tick that can spread lyme disease, it is not easy to say that you have lyme disease simply from that remark. Instead, that could be valuable information should you begin to have other symptoms in the future, such as signs of infection, weakness, or joint pain. If these or other symptoms begin, speaking with your doctor about this red circle with the clearing in the middle could help him or her to order additional tests or consider additional medical therapies at that time. There have been some reports that this year does have a higher incidence of tick infestations due to the weather in some parts of the country. Again, please speak with your doctor about your concerns and what to do next to help put your mind at ease and maintain your health.

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