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"If I have a small lump near my elbow, should I go to the doctor?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I have a small lump near my elbow, should I go to the doctor?


I just noticed I have a marble size lump on the outside of my elbow near the joint. It doesn't hurt but it moves around a bit. Depending on how my arm is it can stick out. I feel normal other than that and I haven't fallen or hit it recently. Just wondering if I should go to the doctor.


The short answer is that yes, you should see a doctor. In general, it is always best to see a doctor if you have any new lumps or bumps. These could be signs of very serious medical conditions. Fortunately, they are most often explained by other conditions, but the fact of the matter is that each should be seen by a doctor to make sure they are not concerning. Symptoms in addition to the lump such as weight loss, fatigue, etc could make you even more concerned about what the lump might represent. Also, the timeline of when you noted it and whether or not it has grown are also important and would add valuable information. Many people can have soft lumps on their bodies that represent fatty tissues just deep to their skin, which can be called lipomas. While these are often not a problem, the fact that other bumps can masquerade as lipomas is a concerning phenomenon. Speaking with your doctor in person can help to set your mind at ease about this bump. Again, please speak to your doctor in person about your concern and determine together what needs to be done next to maintain or achieve your optimal health.

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