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"Why is my shoulder twitching?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my shoulder twitching?


It will stop twitching for a minute then come back. I have had twitches everywhere else before but they go away after about 5 minutes. This time all day it keeps twitching in the back near my arm pit. I bicycled today in the morning for 40-45 min then went for a walk at 8 pm. I heard it can be from overworking, low in vitamins, or anxiety.


Sorry to hear that you are having this twitching. While this can often be an annoyance, it is important to make sure that these sorts of things are not due to an underlying problem, as you yourself imply in the question. That is why it is important for you to discuss this question with your doctor. While it is difficult to clearly define what you are experiencing, you seem to be suggesting some sort of a muscle spasm that is coming and going. As you mention, fatigue, muscle overwork, imbalances in your levels of vitamins and minerals (or electrolytes), and even stress can all cause this. It does sound like you were active throughout the course of your day, which is excellent, but it would be hard to say if this is the cause without knowing your usual routine. The key with any of these things is how often it happens and how long the symptoms last when they start. If either of these are increasing, it would certainly be more concerning than if they were random occurrences. Sleeping appropriately, eating a healthy diet, and being active on a regular basis can all help to avoid many of these complaints, but some may be due to other causes. Please speak to your doctor about you specific situation.

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