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"Im on the implant but havent had a period for 5 months"

ZocdocAnswersIm on the implant but havent had a period for 5 months


im on the implant but havent had a period for 5 months but i have had it since i was 15 and am now 20 and i've always had a period. also i have been getting clammy hands and getting hair on my chin what does this mean?


Sorry to hear that you seem to be having problems since the implant. As I don't have all of the details, it is important to stress that you should talk to the healthcare provider that placed the implant about your concerns. He or she will best be able to answer your questions and make the appropriate treatment recommendations. Please do this quickly. As you seem to be speaking of an implantable uterine device (IUD) designed to prevent pregnancy, it is important to understand the side effects of those (if that is what you are speaking of). Some of these are good, others are less desirable. What side effects you have will depend to some degree on which IUD you have. One of the side effects that some appreciate when on certain kinds of IUD is the lack of heavy periods. Many women will feel that these are much lighter or infrequent after having an IUD placed. Some of the other side effects, for some people, can include some of the other symptoms that you mention. Your doctor will best be able to help you determine if your symptoms are due to the IUD, and whether or not your implant should be removed. Please speak to your doctor.

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