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"I was born with pointy knees. Is there a way to correct this?"

ZocdocAnswersI was born with pointy knees. Is there a way to correct this?


My patellas have always been very pointy, which causes pain while kneeling and crouching down. Is there a way to correct this with surgery? I can provide photos. Thanks!


This is an interesting problem, one that you seem to have had to suffer from for quite some time. It is always hard to give advice about issues like this that seem slightly outside of the normal realm of medical activities (in that you imply that you are able to function normally for the most part). The first thing to do is to find if there is something more to your problem than just having pointy knees. It could very well be that the pain is coming from a different part of your anatomy than just your patella, and that the shape of them could be an indicator of a different problem. The rest of your health history would be helpful to understand if you suffer while doing other activities as well, how long it has been going on, etc. Additionally, there are some family conditions that can lead to pain in the extremities that you would need to talk to your doctor about. The key point to all of this is that you need to speak to a doctor in person to make sure that it is something as simple as pointy knees, and to then consider jointly what the options for treatment may be. Please speak to your doctor.

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