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"What can I do to stop extreme abnormal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do to stop extreme abnormal bleeding?


my doctors cant tell me whats wrong i had a blood transfusion in 2009,from heavy bleeding, well then about November last year i started my heavy bleeding again and then i went to a obgyn she put me on 2 pills a day then i had an ultrasound, i had a polyp in my uterus, so i had it removed it was 2 inches long and i had a d&c, i had constant bleeding i was on 3 a day of bc pills, still not stopping me, i ended up in the hospital on estrogen iv it didnt stop me, so monday comes i see a new dr he puts me into the hospital and puts me on a hormone pill and estrogen and then another blood transfusion 2 pints again, and my bleeding had stopped. i have been on estrogen and hormone pills since jan and havent had a period but lately im starting to bleed again. i also have a fibroid on the outside of my uterus but is small, i cry all the time wishing i could be normal. i have seen a hematologist, and i have had my thyroid tested, its fine.


I am so sorry to hear that you have had to suffer so much for such a long time. Certainly it is difficult to hear about the things that you have been through. I am grateful that you have been seeking medical attention for what can be a very serious condition, and am hopeful that there remains a treatment that can be effective for you. Often, abnormal vaginal bleeding can be difficult to control and can require surgery. Depending on your age and your desires for future reproduction, your doctors may make certain recommendations. Obviously, some of these recommendations may be more aggressive than others, and doctors will usually begin with less aggressive options first. Unfortunately, it seems that you have been trying many of the conservative measures already with continued bleeding. It is at times like this that a person can become extremely frustrated and feel that they do not have control of their body. Speaking to a doctor, family, friend, or chaplain can be invaluable to help regain some inner peace. In the meantime, know that there are more options that are available for treatment. If you have concerns, it is appropriate to seek a second opinion when you feel this is needed. Please speak with your doctor to better understand what can be done.

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