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"Why am I peeing so much? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I peeing so much?


Im not pregnant, and this started yesterday. im 21 and don't even think i drink enough water


So sorry that you are suffering from this problem. While this may seem to be an inconvenience, it can also be a sign of something more important. It is important to speak with your doctor when you have changes like this, or any other significant change. This is especially true if the symptoms persist. In your specific case, an immediate concern for a person who reports that they are urinating too much would be diabetes. In many cases, this is the first sign of diabetes (which can happen to people of all shapes and sizes, not just overweight people). The kidneys are responsible for filtering sugar from the blood. In many cases of early diabetes, this filtering mechanism is overburdened, and the extra sugar spills into the urine. This will then draw extra fluid from the body via osmosis, and a person will urinate more than they should. They will often have an intense thirst due to this extra fluid that is leaving their body. While it is possible that you have something much simpler than this, the fact is that you should discuss your problem with your doctor to determine if there is anything to be done. Please speak to your doctor.

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