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"What is a small bump on my spermatic cord?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a small bump on my spermatic cord?


It is a hard, very small bump. It is close to where my spermatic cord goes into my body. If I am standing, it is on the posterior side of where my scrotum hangs. I might describe it as "under" my scrotum. It is slightly on the right side. It is completely internal (no hair/pimple can be seen). It is about the size of the tip of a ball point pen. It does not hurt to press it. It is close to my body, but I can still move it around in a circle with a 1 cm diameter. Some quick research suggests that it is a varicocele. What could it be?


The first thing to point out is the importance of doing regular self examinations, even for guys, as you seem to have done. While still relatively rare, testicular cancer is one of the few cancers that will often afflict younger men, and regular self examinations help to catch this cancer at an early stage where treatment can be most effective and the least damaging to long term form and function. Please continue to perform these on a regular basis, just as we advise women to perform these examinations regularly as well. In your specific case, it is important to state that it is impossible to know for sure what this is without speaking to a doctor. While it is certainly possible that this could be a varicocele, a doctor would both have more experience with examining this kind of bump, and would also be able to order further tests as needed to help define the diagnosis. While your regular family physician would likely be able to help, a urologist is specifically trained to diagnose and treat urologic conditions such as the one that you describe. Please speak to your doctor or a urologist today for more information.

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