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"Could my mother's undiagnosed medical problems be neurological?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my mother's undiagnosed medical problems be neurological?


Hello. My mother has been having head pain, severe at times for over 8 months on the right side of her head by her ear and on the top. She noticed numbness on the right side of her throat which is now on both sides. She has swelling behind her eyes which was confirmed by an opthomologist, She also has a nasal drip, some nose bleeds, and has passed out several times. She has had MRI's, and cat scans. An endoscopic scope in her throat. All have revealed nothing per her doctors. Which are and ENT, and a Neurologist. The pain has become unbearable for her at times. I am very concerned about her. Any insight on what to do would be helpful. Thank you!


I'm sorry to hear about your mother's current problems and I would recommend that your mother speak with her primary care doctor again. Things do sound quite complex, and she has already had a pretty good workup. The good news is that some of the really serious potential causes of her symptoms -- such as a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis -- have been ruled out by the MRIs and other studies she has had done. However, it is unfortunate that she continues to have such persistent symptoms with no relief in sight. I suspect that the various symptoms your mother has may not all necessarily be related to each other. In other words, there may be more than one thing going on here. For example, nose bleeds and nasal drip are very commonly caused by nasal allergies, which is very easy to treat. But this obviously wouldn't explain some of the more serious findings such as severe headache and swelling in the eyes. Again, what I would recommend is that your mother circle back with her primary care doctor. I think what she needs more than anything is an advocate who can take a fresh look at all of the data, treat any potential simple conditions which might be confounding the picture, and coordinate with the various specialists that she is seeing in order to make a plan for what to do next.

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