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"I just had a liposonix procedure on my abdomen. Are there bad repercussions if I smoke?"

ZocdocAnswersI just had a liposonix procedure on my abdomen. Are there bad repercussions if I smoke?


I am 18 Female.


Thank you for asking before you just started right in! Certainly, it is appropriate to check in with your surgeon or doctor before you resume common activities after a procedure. One of the key things to point out is that each procedure, like each person, is different. Clearing someone else's patient without the knowledge of exactly what the surgery entailed would put everyone at risk. The best choice if you have questions like the one that you are posing now is to direct them to your surgeon, as they will know the safest answer for you and your situation. Now, in general, the risks of smoking are both short term and long term. While we know that smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, etc in the long term (which is why we always encourage patients, like yourself, to quit) we also know that it slows down healing in the short term. One of the ways that it does this is by causing the blood vessels to clamp down and thus impairs wound healing. It also decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which further impairs healing. Please speak to your surgeon.

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