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"What could be a painless bony protrusion below left knee?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be a painless bony protrusion below left knee?


I'm a 48 year old female runner. I developed pain in left knee. Visited ortho surgeon - X-ray showed no problems/arthritis. Cortisone shot relieved swelling and most pain. Now I have this crazy bone like protrusion just beneath my knee cap. Its pretty small but feels just like a bone. What is it?


This sounds like a frustrating issue, particularly when running is a part of your daily life. Anytime you notice pain or difficulty with an activity that used to be a regular part of your day, it is always a good idea to seek an evaluation with a physician to make sure there isn't an underlying problem. It sounds like you took the first step in seeing an orthopedic specialist. Since you are having new symptoms and pain, particularly after a procedure like a cortisone shot, the best place to start is making another appointment with your orthopedist (or seeking a second opinion, if that makes you more comfortable). The protrusion that you are feeling could be one of several different things. Depending upon the location, it could possibly be a bone spur or a cyst. It will definitely be helpful for your physician to examine it again, particularly to compare this to your exam the last time you were seen, as well as to consider getting more imaging. Although rare, there are some bony tumors that can present in adults so it is worth having this checked out promptly to protect your health. And, hopefully, you will be back to running comfortably soon!

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