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"Why does my throat hurt so much, with no other illness symptoms?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my throat hurt so much, with no other illness symptoms?


It's like a throat ulcer except worse than any I've ever had before, and taking longer than any other I've had to go away (5 full days of extreme pain). Also, it's making my ear hurt and even speaking is very painful.


I am so sorry to hear that your throat has been hurting for so long, and hope that by the time you read this your symptoms will have resolved. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what is causing your throat pain without more information and you should speak with your doctor about your concerns. For example, I would be likely to suggest an infectious cause if you have recently experienced fevers, fatigue, and other evidence of an infection. Alternatively, I would be more concerned about something even more serious if you were an elderly smoker who has been losing weight over the last few months. Either way, you see that there are many different possibilities. As your pain has persisted for so long, it is certainly time that you see a doctor. It could be something simple, or it could be something that needs further testing or treatment. Your doctor may need to do some throat cultures, or may refer you on to a specialist for closer examination. An otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon (also known as an ENT) may be the best one to appropriately diagnose and treat your problem, as his or her surgical training is especially adapted to treating conditions of this sort. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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