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"Why am i getting this dark brown/dark reddish discharge before my period due?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am i getting this dark brown/dark reddish discharge before my period due?


hi i had unprotected sex on (2nd june) my bf didnt cum at all but i still took postinor 2 within 48hrs my period is due on the (18th june) but i been getting a discharge that started on the (12th june) first it was dark brown then got light brown,then got really dark,then dark red its (16th june)and i'm still getting it.. do you know what is the cause is it pregnancy? (i dont want it to be) or is it that my period is close? or the pill messing me up (this is the 3rd month i took postinor 2 in a cycle)


It sounds like you have several active concerns that are affecting your health. First of all, if you had unprotected sex it is always possible that you are pregnant, even if you used emergency contraception. While it can drastically reduce the chances of pregnancy, emergency contraception is not 100% effective and the likelihood that you could be pregnant certainly goes up if you had two encounters in this period of time. The best way to definitely find out if you are pregnant and to make sure that you don't have any other underlying health issues causing this discharge is to see your primary care doctor or GYN right away for a pregnancy test and an exam. If you have intermittently been taking emergency contraception over a regular period of time, the discharge you are experiencing could simply be irregular periods. However, with unprotected sex, it is also important to make sure that you are being tested for sexually transmitted diseases in addition to pregnancy. This will be another thing to discuss with your physician. Finally, it seems that your method of birth control is not working for you, if you have had to use emergency contraception multiple times in a short period of time. To protect your health, it will be important to work with your doctor to consider alternate forms of more reliable protection.

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