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"Severe sinus problems - can anything be done?"

ZocdocAnswersSevere sinus problems - can anything be done?


I have chronic allergies (all year long and seasonal allergies, hives also) and constant sinus infections. I am 40 years old, as a teen i was told i had a deviated septum and it is impossible to sneeze through my nose . If i even attempt to let a sneeze through it feels like my entire face, eyes and ears are going to explode, literally and nearly impossible to use any nasal sprays .


I am sorry that you have had to suffer from these infections and allergy problems for so long, and I am glad to hear that you have been speaking with your physicians about your complaints in the past. It is common to avoid treating nasal problems in teenagers with surgery due to a desire to avoid causing problems with the development of the face. This becomes less of an issue as we age, and it may be that your deviated septum is continuing to cause you problems. It is common for people to have a deviated septum to some degree which may, at times, interfere with their breathing. When this becomes a severe problem that is interfering with daily life and making your quality of life worse than it could be, it may be appropriate to speak with a surgeon about potential solutions. There are some people with such severe deviations and nasal inflammation that the normally effective allergy sprays are not able to reach the affected areas appropriately and they are undertreated. The key to improving your symptoms is to speak with an ear, nose and throat surgeon (or otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon). He or she will be able to offer suggestions. Again, please speak to your doctor and best of luck.

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