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"Why does my wife keep having miscarriages?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my wife keep having miscarriages?


My wife is 22 years old and she has had 5 miscarriages in the last 3 years and they were all with in 3 to 4 weeks. ((history)) When she was 16 she was put threw pre mentapause and she had endometriosis and some tiny cyst on her ovaries, but now she is all better and her ovaries are clear. They have checked her HCG and her Progestone and they checked if she gets blood clotts easy. Those came back normal... We need help!!! if anyone has ideas please let us know


It sounds like this is a very difficult time for you and your wife. Hopefully she will be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term, as it sounds like starting a family is very important to you. It is very hard to lose any pregnancy, particularly several in a row. It sounds like your wife needs to see a high-risk pregnancy specialist and maybe even a hematologist to identify the issues here. The circumstances around her pre-menopausal status will be important (ie was this something that happened on its own, or is there reason to believe that your wife may have some kind of hormonal imbalance which makes her susceptible to early pregnancy loss?) Endometriosis can make it difficult to conceive, but it does not usually cause recurrent problems with pregnancy loss like this. It sounds like the initial steps with progesterone have been performed, but she may need further evaluation with other blood tests or a pelvic ultrasound to make sure that there are no structural abnormalities within the uterus that prevent a pregnancy from developing past the early stages. Given the frequency of early fetal loss, it may also be important to perform some genetic testing on you and your wife to ensure that there isn't a high-risk genetic anomaly or chromosomal problem that is contributing. Again, please speak to your doctor.

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