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"Right side of my face is numb and I have a strange tickling feeling inside my head. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersRight side of my face is numb and I have a strange tickling feeling inside my head. What could it be?


My right side of face and neck is numb, i have a bad feeling in right side of my face and neck. also, my right ear and right eye are weakened. i have a strange feeling inside my head in the right half, it's like a tickle, some kind of pain/feeling i never experienced. I'm going to see a doctor, but before that i want to have a little information. are these symptoms serious? why i experience this? what's the reason? thanks for your help...


These kinds of symptoms are very concerning and you should seek urgent medical attention right away in the nearest emergency department. Any kind of new, one-sided numbness, tingling, or weakness, whether in the face or in the arms or legs should always be considered as a possible transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke and thus evaluated right away to rule these things out. There are many different causes for a TIA or stroke, some of which can affect young people, so even if you don't feel that you are "old enough" to possibly have a stroke, it is still important for you to be seen right away. This is not something that you should wait to see a doctor in clinic to discuss further. This is considered a medical emergency and needs prompt medical attention accordingly. Now it is also possible that you have any one of a number of benign (or at least less concerning) conditions that are causing your symptoms, but before evaluating these (which may require outpatient appointments with a neurologist or head and neck specialist), it is important to exclude the truly worrisome possibilities such as TIA or stroke. Hopefully this will turn out to be something minor and correctable.

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