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"Blood pressure was 150/95. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersBlood pressure was 150/95. What should I do?


Hi I am 36year old I has severe anxiety and went to doctor my pressure was 150/90 ECG normal 93 bp, and cardiac enzyme, kidney function test normal. I was prescribed antacid since there was beleching. After the tablet all my nausea and anxiety decreased pressure at home was 121/95 or 120/99 I am worried if I will have anything severe before medication. What should I do


If you are worried about your blood pressure, the best thing to do is to see your physician. It sounds like you may have been suffering from what is known as "white coat hypertension," ie the phenomenon of people who are nervous at baseline or have anxiety about their health having an elevated blood pressure in a doctor's office when they know their blood pressure is being monitored. In these cases it is very normal for the blood pressure to come back down within 15-20 minutes, often when the patient is still in the physicians' office, simply after the check-in process is complete. But again, if you are worried about your blood pressure, the best thing to do is discuss this with your physician. He or she will know you entire health history as well as the trends of your blood pressure to be able to tell you if oyu truly meet criteria for hypertension. If there is any concern, one of the best things for you to do is to record your blood pressures at home for about 2 weeks, generally at the same time each day. You can go over these results with your doctor to see if there is a concerning trend and whether an anti-hypertensive medication might be in order. Generally, it is best to have one's blood pressure below 130/80.

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