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"HVS culture result is "no pathogen after 48 hours at 36*C incubation". Please explain."


Pathologist comments are; please correlate with clinical data and other investigations. Please discuss


Sorry to hear that you had to have this tested recently, and I agree with the comment that you should speak to your doctor. My guess in reading your question is that you are talking about a high vaginal swab (AKA HVS) which is a test that is performed to determine what bacteria or pathogens are living in the vaginal cavity. This test is routinely performed when there is a question of a bacterial infection, such as vaginitis.

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Other tests can be used to determine if there is an STD (sexually transmitted disease), although the HVS may offer some information in this regard. The quote that you provide merely states that there was no single organism that was identified after growing the sample from the swab for 2 days at 36 degrees celsius, which is roughly the temperature of the human body. The HVS is harvested from an area of concern, and the sample collected is placed in an environment where any bacteria present would be most likely to grow. In your case, there was no obviously growing bacteria that was present in the sample. The comments from pathology indicate that this one test is not sufficient, and you need to talk with your doctor about what is causing your symptoms. So again, please speak with your doctor.

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