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"Can post nasal drip from allergies/ a cold cause red spots in the far back of your throat?"

ZocdocAnswersCan post nasal drip from allergies/ a cold cause red spots in the far back of your throat?


No fever, annoying cough to clear throat, no yellow or green mucus


Post nasal drip is a very common and very annoying problem that affects almost all of us at one time or another. I am sorry to hear that you have had to suffer from this, and hope that you feel better soon. Certainly, the chronic drainage down the back of your throat can cause irritation to the mucosa of the back of your throat, though it is always best to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. The irritation can sometimes manifest as redness and irritation, but it is hard to say for sure that this is the cause of the bumps. It may not be possible to tell you exactly what is causing your symptoms, but it is common that post nasal drainage either comes from the sinuses or from acid reflux disease (among a host of other medical problems). It is clear that, when you have a medical problem or question that persists for some time, you should speak with your doctor about your concerns. He or she may be able to provide some tips to help, or refer you to the appropriate specialist. While over the counter techniques such as use of nasal saline irrigation can be helpful, it is always best to speak with your doctor about your concerns. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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