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"Are there any suggestions for my diabetic neuropathy?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there any suggestions for my diabetic neuropathy?


Hello. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008. Neuropathy has been giving me hell the last few months. I've seen a podiatrist & a neurologist she referred me to. My left foot has felt abt 50% asleep for 2 months. My neurologist says I need an EMG nerve test done,but won't do it cause I'm 460lbs. My feet aren't 100% numb. My big toes kinda are,but not completely. I already can't stand more than 5 minutes,cause of my back. Sooooo,can't walk for exercise. I'm stumped. I'm 41 & have already had one heart attack. I was 565lbs on December 1st 2012,& 450lbs on February 1st. All the neurologist has done is increase my Gabapentin..twice. I now take 900mg 3xdaily. Abt 3 months ago my feet were dark on top & on my toes,and felt like someone poured boiling water on em. Now this. I'm abt ready to give up. My blood sugars are always 70-120. Any suggestions?


I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering quite a bit from the problems that have seemed to come with your diabetes and your excess weight. Diabetes is a chronic problem that can make life quite difficult, and can affect your quality of life significantly, as you are experiencing. I am quite pleased that you are working with a neurologist and a podiatrist, and advise you to continue to get regular foot exams. Given the extreme problems that you are suffering from, it is difficult to advise the traditional remedies. Walking and other exercise are some of the best ways to fight neuropathy and the vasculopathy that comes with diabetes, but it seems that those are difficult for you right now. Another option would be to more aggressively control your weight. I applaud you for being able to lose so much weight, and would love to see you drop quite a bit more. For some, bariatric surgery is an option that can help them to accomplish that and also help to control some of the other conditions that are caused by obesity. Please speak with your doctor about your options, and continue to work to improve your health.

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