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"Is there a way to cure erection problems?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a way to cure erection problems?


Hi, I am 26 years of age. I met with a motor bike accident a couple of years back and got injured in my groin area. I had severe pain for a few days after my accident. I met a urologist who ran a couple of tests and scans and gave me some oral drugs to reduce pain. I got relieved of my pain, but I do have pain sometimes when I try to ride a motor bike or hit the gym. I am not even able to go for joggings in the mornings. Now the doctor says that I have had a nerve damage and I am not able to get an erection. I am not having morning woods also and I am not able to ejaculate. The doctor says that it would take some time for the nerve damage to correct by itself. Its almost 2 years now. But no improvement. The doctor also said that I can go for an operation but not sure if my Erection problem will get resolved. I would be very happy if someone can through light on this. Thanks


I'm sorry to hear about your accident and the consequences you are still suffering from. It does seem that you likely sustained damage to the nerves controlling erection and ejaculation during the accident. Although the first doctor you talked to was correct that often this damage heals slowly over time, if you are still not noticing improvement after two years, then the chance of improving is less and less likely. The fact that you do not even have erections while sleeping or when you wake up in the morning provides further evidence that the nerve circuits controlling erection are not working properly. I would strongly suggest going to see an urologist about this problem. It sounds like no real treatment options have been offered to you yet, and the urologist will be able to discuss the various options with you. For example, there are now many medications on the market that can be used to successfully treat erectile dysfunction, even when the cause is nerve damage. Penile surgeries, usually to place implants, are also a possibility, but these are less commonly done given the effectiveness and safety of the erectile dysfunction medications. Please call your urologist to make an appointment today!

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