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"Is there any way for my daughter not to have her period during a school trip?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way for my daughter not to have her period during a school trip?


My daughter is having her perid on school journey and she wants it to stop, any solutions? But no pills.


Unfortunately, once the period starts, there is generally no way to stop it, other than to wait for it to stop on its own! In severe cases where there is life-threatening unstoppable bleeding during a period, there are emergency medicines that are used, but these would never be used for a normal period that was just a nuisance. In the future, if your daughter is interested in reducing the frequency or intensity of her periods, it is important for her to discuss her concerns with her doctor. Oral birth control pills are probably the best option. These pills work to regulate and minimize the period, and many active young women will take them on an extended cycle, meaning that they get their period only once every several months. This is a popular and safe approach, and it is increasingly being used. However, in your question I do see that you specify "no pills" and, unfortunately, there are no options there. All of the options that are used to reduce the frequency or intensity of menstrual cycles do require taking medications, of which the most common are the oral contraceptive pills that I mentioned above. If your daughter is interested in exploring this when she gets home from her trip, she can set up a visit with her regular primary care doctor to discuss.

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