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"I have strep throat - are there ways to reduce the pain?"

ZocdocAnswersI have strep throat - are there ways to reduce the pain?


So I found out that I had strep yesterday. I am taking the antibiotics. I have puss pockets on my tonsils. I know I do have to keep taking the medicine for 10 days, but how long does for the pain to go away?? (I am taking pain medicine to) Plus, what are some ways I can reduce the pain?? Also, my tongue is swollen and it hurts to move it. is it because my tonsils are huge?? I can barely eat and talk. Please help!


Strep throat can be a very painful condition that can persist for some time and make life quite miserable. I am sorry to hear that you have to suffer through this, and hope that you improve quickly. I am also quite glad that you have a diagnosis of strep throat, as the diagnosis indicates that you probably have started to take some antibiotics (which I would encourage you to take for the full 10 days, even if you are starting to feel better before then, because it may otherwise come back and be even worse then it is this time!). There are many different things that people will do to try to reduce the pain with strep throat, and it's important to follow up with your doctor to discuss your healing. Some of them are the simple tricks that are often used as home remedies. Some people like to use warm teas with honey. Others like to gargle with salt water. Either can be effective in my experience. Others like to sip cool liquids. In general, drinking milk or milk products can make the mucous thicker and make things less pleasant. Smoking will certainly make things worse and heal slower. I am glad that you have seen a doctor already, and encourage you to follow up as directed and speak to your doctor about you questions to make sure you are healing appropriately.

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