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"What day did i most likely get pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat day did i most likely get pregnant?


the first day of my last period was 5-18-13. they say im between 6 and 7 weeks how do I know what day I got pregnant? I slept with 2 guys 2 weeks apart. one a week before my last period and one a week after the first day of my last period


In general, one way to date a pregnancy is by the date of a woman's last menstrual period. However, the relative accuracy of this method depends upon how regular a woman's cycle is; in women with irregular cycles, the use of ultrasound may be a better way to estimate the date of a pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is theoretically possible to become pregnant on any day of your cycle, even though certain days within the cycle are more likely than others, so if you had unprotected sex within a short window, it is impossible to say with certainty which of these 2 men is the father. In fact, there are even very rare cases of women having fraternal twins with different fathers. In this situation, the only way to be sure of paternity is to do an actual paternity test with DNA obtained from an amniocentesis (or blood, after birth). The best way to protect your health and help you make the best choices is for you to see an obstetrician right away. Should you choose to keep the pregnancy, he or she can help you have a healthy pregnancy as well as facilitate paternity testing. Unfortunately, however, it is impossible to use pregnancy dating to state with 100% certainty exactly when you conceived.

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