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"I am dizzy, short of breath, and seeing white spots. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, should I be concerned? "

ZocdocAnswersI am dizzy, short of breath, and seeing white spots. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, should I be concerned?


I am just feeling exhausted.


So sorry to hear that you are feeling so run down. While some parts of feeling exhausted are certainly expected with pregnancy, you are describing a number of symptoms that seem a bit more than the normal changes that come with pregnancy. Given that there are so many different possibilities of what could be causing you to feel this way, it would certainly be best to discuss your concerns with your doctor. Pregnancy is a time of great fluctuation and change in the way that your body processes energy and directs the flow of blood, and there are some conditions that can present with symptoms similar to what you are describing. While some amount of any of those symptoms could be normal when experienced in isolation and in a non-repeated fashion, the tone of your question implies that these are more of a chronic complaint. If that is the case, it is especially advisable to speak with your doctor quickly. As with most things, changes in your normal well being that last for more than a brief amount of time may be more suggestive of something that needs to be addressed. Regardless, I would advise you to please speak to your doctor.

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