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"What are the odds of getting infected if blood from staph infection gets into your eye?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the odds of getting infected if blood from staph infection gets into your eye?


a friend had staph infection on their knee bad, when they went to pop it all the blood and infection flew all in my eye.


I'm sorry to hear that this happened! I would definitely recommend that you go to see your doctor right away about this issue. Fortunately, the chance of contracting the infection from your friend’s abscess is probably low if you are otherwise healthy and have a normal immune system. Additionally, if you washed out your eye after the exposure, that would have helped to reduce your risks even more. Your doctor will be able to quickly see if there is any evidence of infection or irritation, such as pain or redness in the eye, and if there is, they will be able to prescribe medications to treat it. Another thing that is important is the potential exposure to blood borne infections, such as the HIV virus. Although it is quite rare to contract the HIV virus through exposure in this way, it is technically possible if you get blood in your eye from a person who carries the HIV virus. Your primary care doctor will be able to help you assess your risks from this blood exposure and help you decide whether you should take medications to prevent HIV infection (called "post exposure prophylaxis"). Please call your doctor's office as soon as you can!

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