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"I have difficulty peeing all of a sudden. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have difficulty peeing all of a sudden. What could it be?


So about 2 weeks ago, I masturbated. I went to pee.Normally, after I masturbate, even if I have an erection, I pee with full force. But this day, I tried to pee and I just couldn't. I felt like everytime I was close to letting my pee out, something in my penis just stopped my body from peeing. Also, everytime I tried to pee but failed to, my stomach seemed to expand and bloat. Later on that day I tried to pee, and I did, but not much pee came out (about half the amount that usually would). This time it still wasn't as clean as normal though, I tried a couple of times, and the pee wouldn't come out, until the third or so attempt. Also the force that the pee came out was lesser than the usual amount. The problem still persists, almost two weeks later, and my sides (especially my right side, above the waist) hurt. I pee, but with lesser volume and force. Also my stomach bloats everytime, but never really returns back, and so I am "fatter" than I was two weeks ago. Help please.


This sounds like a potentially serious problem, and I would recommend calling your primary care doctor, or going to the emergency room, immediately for an evaluation. It sounds like you might be suffering from acute urinary retention, which is the medical term for not being able to urinate. What is not clear from your question is how old you are, but urinary retention is a relatively common problem, especially in middle aged and older men. If not treated, it can lead to permanent damage to the kidneys, which is why immediate evaluation is necessary. In middle aged and older men, the most common cause of urinary retention is prostatic hypertrophy, or gradual growth of the prostate gland over decades. Diagnosing this condition would require an ultrasound, looking for retained urine in the bladder, and ruling out any pressure building up in the kidneys. Blood tests are also necessary to look at the functioning of the kidneys. Other less common causes of urinary retention, but more common in younger men, would include prostatitis, which is an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. Also, certain over the counter medications, especially cold and flu medications, can cause urinary retention. Please call your doctor immediately to get an evaluation started.

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