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"My ferritin level is 6. Would an iron infusion be a good idea? "

ZocdocAnswersMy ferritin level is 6. Would an iron infusion be a good idea?


I don't know why my iron levels are so low. My iron level is 50, iron binding 412, saturation is 12%, ferritin 6. I eat a well rounded diet including meat and I have light menstrual spotting only occasionally due to having an iud. I also have chronic pain for about a year in the soles of both feet and tenderness in ankles/shins. I get a burning and tingling sensation at times in my feet but no numbness and my strenth and reflexes are normal. Negative nerve conduction test. Not sure if the foot thing could be related to the low iron.


These iron studies that you have reported are indeed consistent with an iron deficiency. However, whether or not you need an iron infusion depends on a lot of factors and you should discuss it with you doctor. These would include how low your hemoglobin level is (how anemic you are) and what kinds of symptoms you have, such as whether you have palpitations or feel lightheaded or weak. Many cases of low iron, without these types of symptoms or without severe anemia, can be managed with just oral iron supplements. Your primary care doctor, or whichever doctor ordered these iron studies in the first place, should be able to give you a treatment recommendation, and so I would recommend discussing this again with them. At the same time, and more importantly, it is necessary to get to the bottom of why you have an iron deficiency. If the cause of your deficiency is not identified, then it might recur or persist despite iron supplements. It sounds like loss from menstrual bleeding or low iron intake in the diet are not likely. This means other sources of blood loss might need to be ruled out, and the causes of this blood loss depend a lot on your age and other medical conditions. For example, in older men and women, iron deficiency requires a colonoscopy to rule out a tumor in the intestines causing the blood loss. Again, please talk to your doctor!

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