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"Every time I eat, I experience acidity & feel really full afterwards. What causes this? "

ZocdocAnswersEvery time I eat, I experience acidity & feel really full afterwards. What causes this?


I have been to a gastroenterologist 1 year ago and had h pylori and he attributed my pains to this, I went through the treatment and the h pylori is gone but the acidity continues.


Many cases of gastritis or acid reflux disease are caused by infection of the stomach with the H. pylori bacteria, which changes the natural protection coating on the stomach, leading to inflammation, irritation, and the risk of ulcer formation. If you are still having acid pains after treatment for H. pylori, then I think it would be quite reasonable to go back to see your gastroenterologist again and explain what is going on. Occasionally, the H. pylori might be resistant to some of the antibiotics that are used to treat it, and the treatment may not work entirely. Many doctors will retest you for current H. pylori infection to see if the infection has persisted and still needs treatment. If you are negative for H. pylori, then the options will depend on your age and other medical conditions. If you are young and otherwise healthy, it may be sufficient just to continue taking a regular anti acid medication to control the symptoms. On the other hand, if you are older or have severe or very long-standing symptoms, your doctor may want to perform an upper endoscopy to have a look inside your esophagus and stomach to see what is going on. Again, please discuss your concerns with your doctor. Good luck!

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