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"Are any of these lab results something to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersAre any of these lab results something to worry about?


i had an amino acid screen and some other tests done High Threonine 226.7 normal 60-220 High Glutamic Acid 171.0 normal 10-131 High Proline 455.2 normal 97-329 High 3-Methyl-Histidine 2.1 normal 0-0 High Ammonia 43 normal 11-32 Low Copper 63 normal 72-166 Low Vitamin D 26.6 normal 30.0-100 can anyone help me with these results are any of them bad or significant ? i know some are high and low but are any of them something to worry about ? i have POTS/GERD/1st degree AV block/Gilberts Syndrome. my symptoms are lightheaded from POTS, some memory loss / brain fog and burning muscles in legs and arms from simple tasks.


It is very hard to interpret these tests in the absence of knowing exactly why they were done, which is why it is best to discuss them with the doctor who ordered the tests. It sounds like you had an amino acid profile done on a blood sample, which is a test that is commonly done when there is a suspicion for a metabolic disease. However, amino acids panels are notoriously difficult to interpret, and most normal people will have several abnormalities, which can also vary quite a bit depending on how recently you had eaten prior to having the sample drawn. Although there are several mild abnormalities on the results you mention in your question, none of them really stand out to me as a clear cause of your symptoms. Among the metabolic disorders, there are several that can cause burning in the muscles, but this is almost always with exercise and should not occur with just simple tasks. POTS can be fairly debilitating and can also lead to problems with anxiety or depression, and this might be something to consider with your primary care doctor. Otherwise, I'd suggest sitting down with the doctor who ordered these tests, as they will be able to interpret them for you.

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