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"Swollen nodes in the neck, throat, underarm pits and groin. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersSwollen nodes in the neck, throat, underarm pits and groin. What could it be?


My husband went for a removal of the Melanome on his leg and a lymph node in the groin but now have this problem.Constant pain in the groin and swollen and painful leg. He also complaint about he want to vomit when eating as he say it feels like there is something in his throat


I am sorry to hear that your husband has been feeling so miserable lately, and certainly hope that he begins to feel better. It can be difficult to say with any certainty what the bumps are that you are noticing. It is concerning that your husband has a history of melanoma that required removal of some lymph nodes from that area. This would make me suggest quite strongly that you speak with the surgeon who removed the nodes and the tumor originally, or with the doctor who has been following your husband since that time for his routine care. While it is impossible to say anything for sure, I would want to make sure that these lesions and bumps are closely examined to determine if they represent a recurrence of that tumor. There are alternatively many other potential causes, such as infection, systemic illness, or other causes, but each of these would need to be worked up in turn to determine what the best course of action will be. Please have your husband speak with his doctor very quickly to make sure that he is treated in both a timely and appropriate fashion to help him improve as quickly as possible.

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