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"Whats does Reduced Median H-reflex mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhats does Reduced Median H-reflex mean?


I was in a car accident and rear ended, i lost the curve in my spine and no herniation or buldging disc present. EMG test shows Cubital tunnel bilateral and Reduced Median H-reflex bilateral, I have burning, tingling and numbness mostly on right side. Left side is more in hands and elbow. My right shoulder feels really heavy and is lower then my left by 2 inches. I also get a shock down my arm on right side into my pinky finger. My shoulder now pops alot and MRI revealed nothing. I am confused. can someone explain what could be going on.?


All of the symptoms that you mention in your question are probably not related to each other. For example, it sounds like you may have sustained a mild lower back injury in a car accident, but that does not seem to have any relationship to the symptoms you are experiencing in your hands and arms. Therefore, you'll need to work with your primary care doctor to determine what each of these problems mean for you and how is the best way to treat them. In terms of the EMG results specifically, it sounds like there were positive findings in both of the arms. Cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the ulnar nerve (which runs in the elbow behind the funny bone) becomes compressed; the symptoms can include numbness or tingling on the pinky side of the hand and wrist. The median nerve, on the other hand, runs down the center of the wrist, and compression of this nerve is called the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and can lead to numbness and tingling on the thumb side of the hand. It may be that you have components of both of these conditions based on the EMG results, but I would recommend discussing the implications in detail with the physician who ordered the test!

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