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"The inside of my ear hurts. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersThe inside of my ear hurts. What should I do?


It feels like there's something stuck in there and it itches, my mom checked it for me but there's nothing there that she can see


Problems with ear pain are quite common, and it is best to speak to your doctor for a complete examination. It is important not to stick things into the ear to try and remove offending foreign bodies. All too often this can make the problem worse by either pushing in whatever may have been in the ear, or else causing something else to also be stuck in the ear. Other things, more than just the wrong thing stuck in the ear canal, can also cause ear pain and the sensation that you are describing. In fact, because of the way that the nerves to the ear run, it is possible that the pain could be originating somewhere as far away as your neck. In other cases, people who grind their teeth too much and are suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome can have ear pain. Indeed, the area of the ear that is hurting can tell your doctor quite a bit about possible causes. The fact that you describe itching does suggest that there may have been some trauma. Repeated itching can make the problem worse, and create a vicious cycle. Please speak with your doctor about the best next step and for a complete physical examination to make sure you get better quickly.

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