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"My finger is red and swollen there is pus under the nail. What is wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersMy finger is red and swollen there is pus under the nail. What is wrong?


my finger is red and swollen there is pus under the nail and it hurts a lot


So sorry to hear that you are suffering from this, and hope that you can feel better quickly. These infections under the finger are actually quite common, and sometimes need aggressive medical therapy for full recovery. That is I recommend that you speak to your doctor soon. This is especially true when there is pus that is present, as this pus will often not respond to conservative therapies and often requires both antibiotics and some form of drainage. Most family practice doctors are quite comfortable with treating this sort of problem and directing you to a specialist if this is needed. It may require a period of prolonged antibiotics and some routine follow-up to make sure that it is fully healed, but the alternative isn't great. If left untreated, the infections similar to what you describe can place both the nail and even the finger at risk. Ultimately, the infection could cause even greater problems. For that reason, I would suggest that you visit a doctor soon to make sure that this problem is treated appropriately right from the beginning to make sure that you recover fully and well. Please speak to your doctor to begin the right treatment and get the correct referral if it is needed.

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