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"Why do I bite the inside of my cheeks?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I bite the inside of my cheeks?


ive done it ever since i can remember what can i do to stop


This is an interesting question that requires a bit more information before I can correctly give you an answer. Biting your cheek can be something that you do because it's a habit, as you imply, or it can be a result of swelling on the inside of your cheek that is making you bite your cheek even though you are trying to avoid it. Or it could have started as a habit and now become something that happens accidentally because you have caused swelling on that side of your mouth. Since it is difficult to say exactly what is causing this problem, it is important for you to find proper medical help and discuss this with your doctor. Some people will develop habits, such as cracking knuckles or other things that seem unusual to those around them. These can usually be overcome with some effort, and in some cases, intervention. Others will have swelling in their cheek due to an infection, a wound, or other common problems. This swelling may come between the teeth and make accidental dental trauma happen regularly. Regardless, please speak to your doctor about the problem to make sure all is well.

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