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"What is the hard lump on my throat behind my uvula?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the hard lump on my throat behind my uvula?


Today my throat started hurting a little. When I swallow I can feel something directly behind my tongue. Upon swabbing my throat with my finger I noticed a protruding bulge directly behind my uvula. It is as hard as bone and quite sensitive to the touch. Should I be concerned? I am an avid smoker and drink socially. I don't know if this plays into whatever it is or not.


Sorry to hear that you are suffering from this problem, and hope that you are able to find a good answer that helps you to feel better shortly. In order to do that, I need to know if this is something that you first noted today, or if you've felt this ever in the past. Also, I need to know about your health history and how much you smoke, drink, etc. Finally, I will need to know if you've been having additional symptoms such as weight loss or have been feeling run down lately. All of these are things that your doctor will need to know in order to be able to accurately diagnose your medical problems and help you to be able to feel better as quickly as possible. Most importantly, these things will help your doctor to make sure that there is nothing more serious that is causing these symptoms. As for possible causes of what you are feeling, it is honestly somewhat difficult for me to say exactly. Based on your description it is hard for me to tell you what this may be. I would therefore suggest that you speak with a doctor very soon.

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