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"Can muscle strain cause a numb sensation in the face?"

ZocdocAnswersCan muscle strain cause a numb sensation in the face?


For the past couple of weeks, my neck, especially the left side, has been sore and stiff. My doctor thinks that I may have strained the muscle that runs from the back of the head to the shoulder blade. Today, I have noticed a strange, almost numb sensation on the left side of my face. I did have an episode last week where my arm from my shoulder to my elbow went numb. It happened again the other day, though not as severely. I have also experienced a headache that starts at the back of my head and radiates to around my eyes. It feels more like there's a lot of pressure, rather than a migraine. I was being treated for an infection of the sweat glands, but was taken off of the medication due to the numb arm episode. The infection is still present.


I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from multiple medical issues currently, and agree that you need to be working closely with your doctor or doctors at this time to make sure that you are well and recover quickly. In general, a pulled muscle will not lead to a sensation of numbness in your face, and so I would suggest that you speak with your doctor about this complaint. You should do this quickly, as this could be a sign of a stroke. Numbness, slurred speech, paralysis, etc can all be signs of stroke, and should not be treated lightly. Please be cautious and speak with your doctor immediately if you have any concerns or changes, such as the numbness that you describe. As for your neck pain and the infected sweat gland, it is important that these are treated appropriately as well. There are times that additional medications may need to be added depending on the severity of your problem. As always, I would advise you to please speak with your doctor very soon about your complaints to make sure you are treated appropriately.

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