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"Half of the brackets on my braces came off while I was sleeping. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersHalf of the brackets on my braces came off while I was sleeping. What should I do?


I got them a few days ago and half of them came loose and now the wire is hanging out, will this cause my other teeth to be treated wrong and come out even more wrong. I already called my dentist, she won't be able to see me until a few weeks. What do i do?


You need to speak with your orthodontist, and you need to do this quickly. While the potential for long term changes or poor outcomes may be relatively small, there is an increased risk of the loose wire causing trauma on the inside of your mouth. While your general dentist is a good fall back plan as for someone to speak with, the simple answer is that you need to have this taken care of sooner rather than later. A few weeks of having a loose wire in your mouth is likely not an acceptable option. Please call and speak with the office of the person who applied your braces and let the know the circumstances of your situation. Find out what they would like you to do, as they will have the most accurate information. It is likely that they will want to see you in the next day or two to fix the problem, which in some cases requires simply trimming the wire back. While you will likely need more involved care to position the bracket back appropriately, this may be something that can wait. A free wire, however, should not be left alone without speaking with the office of the orthodontist. Please speak with your dental care provider.

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