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"My wrist and ankles feel very sore and both my legs have rashes and redness. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersMy wrist and ankles feel very sore and both my legs have rashes and redness. What could it be?


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The combination of soreness in your joints together with a skin rash is definitely concerning, and it needs to be evaluated by a doctor, who can help you determine what is going on. There are several conditions that can cause this combination. For example, there is a condition called reactive arthritis, which involves joint swelling and pain typically in reaction to a common infection, such as a respiratory illness. Reactive arthritis often is accompanied by a rash. Another condition that is associated with rash and joint pain is known as erythema nodosum. This refers to painful red circular areas of inflammation on the skin, often associated with an autoimmune condition like inflammatory bowel disease, but which can also be triggered by common infections as well as many different medications. If you are also experiencing fever, or rapidly worsening skin findings or joint pain, then the possibility that your symptoms are being caused by an active infection would be much higher on the list. In the case of fever, I'd recommended seeking urgent evaluation (say in an emergency room or an urgent care center). If not, then I would recommend calling your primary care doctor's office and getting in to be seen with the first available appointment.

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