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"Will stitches from a tooth removal fall out on their own?"


My tooth has been hurting for a while and I'm thinking about having it extracted. But my schedule is pretty booked, and I'm not sure if I'll have time to go back and have the stitches removed.


In general, the stitches that are used in dental surgeries such as the one that you are describing are absorbable. This means that they will disintegrate over time and should not have to be removed. In rare circumstances, a stitch can persist beyond a few weeks, but this will almost always fall out by itself and not have to be removed.

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Please discuss this with your surgeon, who can make more recommendations before the extraction and at your visit. While stitches may not need to be removed, it is common that your dentist or surgeon will want to see you after the tooth removal to make sure that everything is healing appropriately and that you are doing well. Depending on your risks and your availability this may be able to be adjusted, but, again, this would depend on a conversation with your surgeon. If you have met with someone already, these questions may be able to be answered through his or her secretary. If not, these are certainly appropriate questions to ask at the time of an initial consultation. Please speak to your doctor, dentist, or oral surgeon for more information.

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