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"Can I breastfeed after oral surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I breastfeed after oral surgery?


I just had surgery and I completely forgot to ask the doctor if it was safe to breastfeed. Not sure if I should wait six, eight or 12 hours. Or if I can breastfeed immediately?


I hope that you have already received an answer from your surgeon or his or her office. While there are many cases where it would be safe to feed your baby breastmilk right after surgery, this will depend on the specific medications that were used for you in your surgery. For example, some antibiotics will pass readily through breastmilk, while others do not pass quite so quickly. Even for those that do pass, there are some that are safe and others that are not. As you can see, this is not something that another doctor is able to answer safely without knowing more information. Even the type of anesthesia that is used can impact how long you need to wait before you can safely breastfeed. Please speak with your oral surgeon for more answers. As with most immediate postoperative questions, the best and most reliable source is to go straight to the person that performed your surgery. Please speak to your surgeon for all of your post operative questions.

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