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"Can double vision be a sign of cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersCan double vision be a sign of cancer?


I am such a hypochondriac. I had a little double vision today and immediately my mind thinks of cancer. I'm sure that other eye conditions can cause this as well. But I always jump to worst-case scenario.


It is important that you check with your primary care physician or ophthalmologist about your double vision. It is a symptom of several possible medical conditions, some of which may be serious. It is difficult to diagnose your condition without a physical exam, tests and thorough history during a doctor's visit. Double vision affects individuals in different ways. Binocular double vision that occurs when the eyes are not perfectly aligned mostly due to a weakened or paralyzed eye muscle is common. A thyroid disease, diabetes, Graves eye disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, aneurysm, blood clot, and stroke, etc. are some conditions that cause a binocular double vision. A tumor in or behind the eye and brain tumor may also distort the image the eyes produce and cause this type of double vision. A monocular double vision is a less common type of double vision caused by an abnormality of the eye organs (i.e., cornea, iris, and lens of the eye, etc.) due to astigmatism, a cataract, a dislocated lens, or dry eye. It is also possible that you have had a temporary double vision that may be caused by alcohol intoxication, too much smoking, drug side effects, or simply tiredness, especially if the eye muscles are strained. Please have your eyes checked out by your doctor soon to get correct diagnosis and treatment or rule it out.

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