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"How does astigmatism affect vision?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does astigmatism affect vision?


My boyfriend may have an astigmatism in his right eye. What does this mean exactly?


Astigmatism is a very common vision problem and one that should be discussed with your optometrist. It causes blurred vision at any distance when the irregular shaped cornea or lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina at the back of the eye. The cornea and lens are primarily responsible for properly focusing light from entering your eyes to allow clear vision. The coordination of the eye movement depends on those eye muscles and nerves working together. A person's eye is naturally shaped like a sphere. However, when the surface of the corner is shaped more like a football than a basketball, the eye is pulled by 4-5 different muscle groups in different directions and thus unable to focus light rays to a single point causing vision to be out of focus at the distance. Astigmatism can be hereditary and can be present at birth. However, sometimes injuries or defects from surgery in one of the eye muscles and nerves cause it to unable to coordinate properly. I would suggest a visit with an optometrist to receive a comprehensive eye examination and explore a wide range of options to correct the vision problem. In consultation with an optometrist, he can select treatment that best meets his visual and lifestyle needs. Hope this helps.

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