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"How long is driving restricted after having a heart attack?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long is driving restricted after having a heart attack?


My mom had a heart attack a few weeks ago and she's eager to get back to her life. I don't think she is supposed to drive immediately after. How long should she wait?


Unfortunately, this is a question that is difficult to answer without knowing more about your mother and her story. Each patient is different, and each doctor will have to determine what is the best recovery time. The restriction of driving privileges is one of the unfortunate jobs that a doctor has to do, and it certainly doesn't help a doctor to win any friends. We are always appreciative of family members that are engaged and can provide extra information at times of making this decision. Additionally, the patient, if privileges are restricted, will definitely need extra support to be able to make up for this lack of mobility. This can add insult to injury for a patient who has recently suffered from a heart attack, but at times it is important for a doctor to do. In general, a doctor will need to make sure that a patient is not on medications that would impair her ability to drive safely, and that her body and reaction times would not be a danger to herself or others. To get the best answer for this question, you will need to speak with your mother's doctor.

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