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"Why am I having dizzy spells and felling lightheaded?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having dizzy spells and felling lightheaded?


feeling warm on the in side,dizzy spells,and lightheaded


Sorry to hear about this. There are many different causes of this lightheaded feeling that you are describing. While many of them have perfectly common and normal explanations that can be addressed with minor changes to your lifestyle or medications, others are more serious. In general, your doctor will ask you to describe the sensations that you are having, and will ask information about what activities seem to bring these on. He or she will ask how often they happen, and what seems to make them better. From all of this, hopefully a pattern will arise that will allow for some sort of diagnosis. Many people with some of the symptoms that you are describing will have some difficulties with reflexive changes in their neurovascular system. Of course, there are always concerns about someone's heart any time that they describe light headedness, because of the fact that this can be due to blood supply. If you have felt light headed in the past on a regular basis and are continuing to have these symptoms now, I would ask that you please visit your doctor and discuss these concerns with him or her. Please speak with your doctor.

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