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"What can my child expect from oral surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can my child expect from oral surgery?


My seven year old daughter is going in for oral surgery next week and we are concerned with the aftermath of the surgery. She is going to have several extractions and a root canal performed while she is put to sleep. We are concerned with what to expect when she finally wakes up from surgery. How long will she need to recover in the hospital before returning home? Once she is home, what kind of supplies will she need to have a comfortable recovery? What foods should she be eating in recovery?


Any kind of surgery can be a scary thing, especially for parents and your surgeon is the best person to answer your question. When teeth are being extracted, it can be expected that the mouth will be sore and that pain medications will be prescribed to help your daughter to get through with the least discomfort possible. Depending on the site of the extractions, it may be necessary for her to change her diet over the next few weeks as well, which her doctor will speak to her/you about. Bleeding is not generally a problem with oral surgery, but there are exceptions, and if you have a family history of bleeding more than usual with minor procedures, it would be good to make sure that the oral surgeon knows this and can make appropriate steps to ensure your daughter's safety. Most of the time, these surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning that your daughter would be able to go home the same day - usually once the effects of anesthesia have worn off. She may need to rinse her mouth either with salt water or a special mouth rinse that would be provided. She may need to take in a soft diet, or even a liquid diet, for the first period. Again, please speak with your surgeon.

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