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"Is there anything an oral surgeon can do about my nighttime teeth grinding?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there anything an oral surgeon can do about my nighttime teeth grinding?


I never realized why my teeth were so sore in the morning until my boyfriend told me that he could hear me grinding my teeth while I slept. I was so embarrassed and I started looking up ways I could make it stop. What I found surprised me. I learned that not only is grinding my teeth a bad habit, but it is also unhealthy. I do not want my teeth to grind themselves down. Is there any type of surgery that will prevent this from happening?


There are many things that an oral surgeon can do to help you stop grinding your teeth at night, but this is not something that you should be embarrassed about. Most people will have some problems with this at some point in their life, usually when they are undergoing stress. While an oral surgeon is a great place to start, I would suggest that first you seek a dentist, because there are many things that can be done before you move on to thinking about surgery. There are activities and things that you can do to keep your teeth apart (such as thinking about the mnemonic TUTA: tongue up, teeth apart). If this doesn't completely resolve your problem, there are special mouth guards that can be made to help your teeth not grind when you sleep. While there are many options over the internet, most oral surgeons feel that a specially crafted device works the best. Please talk to your dentist or to an oral surgeon to see what the best option may be for you to feel better.

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