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"How can I choose a contact brand that won't dry out my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I choose a contact brand that won't dry out my eyes?


I recently switched brands of contact lenses. I never noticed or felt a problem with my previous lenses, but I've noticed that after switching my eyes are dry and hurting by early evening. Rather than taking them out every night around dinnertime, I'd rather just find a cost-efficient brand that allows me to wear them throughout the entire day. How do I find the right brand for me, short of trying every possibility's sample lenses at the eye doctor's office? Is there a type of eye drops that are safe to add with the lenses already in that will help as a short-term solution?


Great questions, and hopefully we can help to get you some answers. Still, this is an important discussion to have with your eye doctor. There are multiple different options, but your own history can provide some helpful information. If there is a brand that you have had success with in the past, that can generally be used as a starting point. Your specific needs (ie, how long you wear your lenses each day, do you wear them every day, etc) can also help to guide you and your eye doctor (either an ophthalmologist or an optometrist). Finally, your specific prescription and any other personal factors that would have been established with an eye examination can help you to trial a few types that are most likely to be successful. There are obviously various types, and can be broken down by how long they are to be worn and what material they are made of. In general, many people who have had trouble with other lenses will do well with a lens that is used for a shorter period of time, such as a daily wear lens. While there are drops that are available and can be used with lenses in, most people feel that the proper fit is even more important, but ask your doctor for specifics for you. Again, please speak with your doctor for more suggestions and guidance.

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