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"What kind of contact lenses should I be wearing?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of contact lenses should I be wearing?


I am considering wearing contact lenses for the first time in the 10 years I have been wearing glasses and it seems there are so many options available. I know some contacts last just one day whereas others last a month. I also hear people talk about hard and soft lenses, but I have no idea what the difference is. Will I be expected to know what I want when I talk to my optometrist about getting lenses? What are the advantages of using each of the different lenses available?


There is no right answer to your question, because the different types of lenses are made to accommodate many different individual lifestyles and preferences! That is why it's important to discuss this with your optometrist. You definitely do not need to "know what you want" when you go to see the optometrist. Their job is to help you figure that out! The main types of contacts are hard versus soft. Virtually all first time contact users go with soft contact lenses, because they tend to be more comfortable, but there are a few exceptions. Soft lenses tend to be better for people with active lifestyles, whereas hard lenses are more breathable, which can be important for those who've had multiple eye infections Next, within the field of soft contact lenses, there are even more options. For example there are lenses which are removed and cleaned daily and there are lenses which can be left in overnight for a specified length of time. The main differences that would push you in one direction or another here would be convenience or a busy lifestyle (which might favor contacts which you leave in) or a history of sensitive eyes (which might favor removing the contacts every night). Please talk to your optometrist for more advice and information!

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